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Tax Returns Checklist 2017

Tax Returns – Document Checklist                                      Y/E 5 April 2017

From 2016 onwards – many third parties enable those registered for online services to download some of these:

For all – certificates for any of the following:

·Pension Contributions made to a Financial Institution

·Gift Aid payments

·Interest on qualifying loans

·Capital Gains transactions (Stocks, Shares, Properties, Chattels, Businesses) – documentation please

·If you/your Partner claim(ed) Any Tax (Welfare) Credits – the claiming partner’s:


National Insurance Number

Income level to determine the highest rate of tax paid

· Child Benefit – if you, or your partner, received this, please advise us of the amount, the number of children involved, who claimed, the amount, and indicate who is (whether you – or your partner) – is the Higher Earner  

For the Employed

·Form P60 which states Earnings for the year.  Obtainable from your Employer

·Form P11D which states Company Benefits over the year.  Obtainable from your Employer

·Payslips and evidence of any Foreign Earnings with Foreign Tax Deducted

·Details of Share Options awarded or exercised or Participation in any other Share Plans, such as Profit-Sharing Schemes

For The Self-Employed

·Your Financial Accounts for the Year that ended within the fiscal year (started 6th April 2016, and ended 5th April 2017).  Not all Self-Employed have Financial Accounts made up to 5 April annually.

These would normally have been made up from your Accounting Records, such as

Accounting Records, such as free ABC Accounts Book(s) or other suitably approved substitutes, made up from Cash Books, Petty Cash Books, Purchase and Sale Ledgers, Invoices, Expenses and Receipts, etc.

NB: New rules have been introduced from 06.04.17 to attempt to re-classify self-employment when supplying services to a public body authority. This would include the service industry.

For Investors

·Dividend Vouchers – from Publicly Quoted Companies (as well as Owner Controlled Companies)

·Interest Certificates from Bank or Building Society (or Account Statements or up-to-date Building Society Passbook) – where Accounts have been closed (or opened), specific dates are required.  Are you aware that with internet banking, YOU can access these and print them off (early)

·Tax Deduction Certificates issued by your Bank

·Rent Records, if you own a Property or Let it out – see Rental Accounts Checklist below

Pensions and Social Security

·Certificates covering Income from Trusts or Estates

·Pension Book or Pension Statement

Student Loan Repayments

·Statement – the date that the Loan applies is essential as there are two separate tax treatments

Rental Accounts – Document Checklist – ask us for a separate Worksheet

Address of Property:

Confirmation as to whether let Furnished or Unfurnished – NB from 06.04.17 No Wear & Tear Allowance is allowed.

Income:                   Rent Received details

Expenditure:            Ground Rent

                                Management Fees

                                Council Tax and Water Rates

                                Repairs (full details and bills)

                                Insurance (Building and Contents)

                                Loan Interest Certificates - (NB As from 06.04.17 the amount allowed to be deducted for Loan/Mortgage Interest, is being reduced by 25% each year until 100% is reached by 05.04.20.   This could place you in a Higher Tax Rate).  

                                Legal/Accountancy bills

Extra copies of these Checklists can be downloaded free of charge from our Website:

Please check it from time to time for updates, etc

Your e-mail address would be appreciated, to update our records.  Thank you.

Making Tax Digital – Until this is fully operational, the completion of a Self-Assessment Tax Return is necessary.  Notices to Complete are usually issued by HMRC.